The team at Helping Hands are here for you.

Their mission is the charitable distribution of goods and services by community donors for community recipients.

Let Helping Hands make a difference in your life!

Helping Hands rescues food 3 days a week from a major retailer.  Our relationships with retailers are created through the East Texas Food Bank.

Our pantry operates with 15 – 20 dedicated volunteers.

Helping Hands
Wants to Help

Pantry Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9:00 am to 12:00 noon


Food Boxes

Our clients select their own food to accommodate their family needs while providing a sense of dignity.  A variety of meat, bread, dairy, canned items and fresh fruit and vegetables are offered.  Each family is served based on their size.

As part of the Feeding Texas program, Helping Hands provides an emergency supply of food to individuals and families in need; clients are eligible for assistance every 30 days.  Water and RX assistance may also be available to the KISD community through grant funding. We are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to noon at 201 S. Martin Street.

Produce Drop

In conjunction with the ETX Food Bank, Helping Hands holds a community-wide produce drop with thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered on the second Monday of every month. Bring a bag to 201 S. Martin to get seasonal produce!

FYI AT PRESENT we are not holding the Community Produce Drop outside of our building, the produce is being distributed at our front door with the monthly pantry items.


Our primary goal is to provide food to the individuals & families living in the KISD school district. Water and RX assistance may also be available to the KISD community through grant funding.

The Helping Hands team can help you get the benefits you and your family need. Whether you are eligible for Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Lone Star Card, or you just need temporary assistance for your family and you don’t know where to turn, the Helping Hands crew has years of experience navigating the local systems of social services and they can guide you to the help you need.

Senior Box Program

This program offers clients who are 60 years or older a supplemental food box, which is provided by the East Texas Food Bank to 35 seniors on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

Those eligible, based on their age and household income, receive a 40-pound box of food with a variety of staple food products such as dry-beans, dry-milk, canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, and a large serving of cheese.  This program offers elderly clients a nutritious variety of non-perishable food items and is designed to give the client an assortment of healthier food choices with a shelf life.  This box is served in addition to our food pantry assistance for eligible clients.

Contact Veda Flowers at 903-984-1796 on Thursday’s 9-12 for additional questions and more information.

Seasonal Items

Weather in East Texas can be extreme–and extremely dangerous for our most vulnerable citizens. Helping Hands through a generous seasonal gift distributes seasonal items–heaters and blankets in the winter, fans in the summer–to the elderly and families with children 2 years old or younger, to eligible clients.

Call (903) 984-1796, or stop by the Pantry at 201 S. Martin Street and let the Helping Hands team help you!

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